Risk Managing the Psychological Factors Triggering Employee Accidents

This webinar discusses the importance of understanding and addressing psychological factors that trigger employee accidents, including human capital errors estimated to be responsible for upwards of 90% of all accidents.

In this webinar session, you will gain the following information:

  • An understanding of the Stress-Accident Cycle and its role in unsafe behavior
  • Techniques for preventing on-the-job accidents and injuries by breaking the stress-accident cycle and increasing employees’ ability to understand and self-manage their safety attitudes
  • Understanding safety control orientation (including “externally oriented” versus “internally oriented” workers), and how it can be measured and reported with a validated assessment tool
  • Approaches for individual- and organizational self-development of safety-related attitudes and personality factors

    Presented by: Dr. John W. Jones, Chief Scientist of General Dynamics IT’s Human Capital Risk Management team. Dr. Jones is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with over 25 years of experience researching and preventing accidents and injuries in organizational settings.

    This webinar is relevant to occupational risk and safety managers, operations managers, human resource professionals, and asset protection and loss prevention professionals.

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